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For Governments

Partner with Global Skills Factory to drive workforce development initiatives and address skills gaps within your community. We can partner to:

    • Provide access to globally-recognized certification programs for civil servants to enhance their credentials, hands-on skills, productivity, expertise, and competitiveness.
    • Design tailored training programs aligned with the specific needs of your workforce and economic development goals. We can also unlock other partnerships in the Nordics and globally.
    • Enhance the capacity of government agencies involved in workforce development through specialized training programs.
    • Foster strategic partnerships with Global Skills Factory to promote job creation and economic growth. Collaborate on initiatives that tackle unemployment, and support entrepreneurship, innovation, and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
    • Jointly leverage data and insights to inform evidence-based policy decisions related to workforce development and education. Drawing actionable insights and recommendations from your reports to drive effective policy interventions.

Partner with Us:

Partner with Global Skills Factory to build a skilled and competitive workforce that drives economic prosperity and social inclusion. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and collaborate with us on impactful initiatives.



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