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Startup Center

With Global Skills Factory’s Startup Center, you get all you need to start and/or grow a successful business! Entrepreneurship & Business Development Programs empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to bring your ideas to life. From our 16-weeks world-class entrepreneurship program, to top-notch coaching and mentorship by international industry experts, to business incubation services, to connection to sources of capital and market linkages opportunities; you acquire the know-how and tools you need to build and sustain a successful venture. Whether you’re starting your own business, scaling one or leading innovation within a larger organization, our Startup Center is a gateway to your entrepreneurial success.

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World-Class Entrepreneurship Program (Action-Learning).

In collaboration with Business Development Centers around the world, Global Skills Factory's Startup Center offers a 16-weeks World-Class Entrepreneurship Program, as well as a complementary array of on-demand applied business training courses, where theory meets action. This program goes beyond traditional education, emphasizing hands-on, action-learning methodologies. Our program is designed to immerse aspiring entrepreneurs in real-world entrepreneurial activity, fostering a dynamic learning environment. Led by industry experts, you'll gain practical insights, refine your business skills, and develop a real venture during the program.

Expert Business Coaching & Mentorship

Graduates from our world-class entrepreneurship program are automatically enrolled into our expert business coaching and mentorship services . Global Skills Factory connects you with a network of seasoned mentors and coaches, each bringing to the table a wealth of experience in your area of greatest need as an entrepreneur. Our mentors provide personalized insights, strategic advice, and a valuable perspective that significantly impact the success of your business journey. Whether you're a startup founder seeking direction or an established entrepreneur aiming for growth, our business coaching and mentorship services are tailored to accelerate your success.

Business Incubation Services in Emerging Economies

Global Skills Factory partners with business incubators and startup hubs in emerging markets. For startups based in emerging economies or those in developed economies wanting to expand in emerging markets, Global Skills Factory offers specialized business incubation solutions; designed to nurture and propel your venture to new heights. Our comprehensive incubation services provide not just physical co-working space but also a supportive ecosystem, connecting you with resources, networks, and expert guidance. From refining your business model to accessing the right opportunities, our incubation services are crafted to empower incubated entrepreneurs, ensuring they thrive and grow, to contribute to the development of communities they serve.

Access to Business Connections, Capital & Market Linkages

Sustainable business growth requires not only vision but also the right resources. Global Skills Factory creates an enabling environment for entrepreneurs to access business connections, funding and market opportunities essential for growth. Through business conferences and recommendations, we link entrepreneurs with the right business connections and opportunities. Our investment readiness track also helps you to secure capital, through business plan preparation, pitch competition preparation, grants application coaching, private investor scouting, and more. We also unlock your access to markets through our global network of entrepreneurs and partners. Whether you're exploring business partnerships, seeking capital or markets links, working with us ensures your venture's undoubted success.