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Professional Career & Employability Center

In today’s dynamic job market, employers seek candidates with a diverse skill set. Are you university student or recent graduate? Global Skills Factory’s Professional Career & Employability Skills Center helps you to enhance your employability with specialized career skills training programs. We offer a wide-range of professional career skills, best known as 21st century skills; ensuring you stand out on today’s competitive job market .

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Career & Employability Skills for Students and Graduates

Global Skills Factory is dedicated to shaping the next generation of professionals. We work with universities in developing countries to strengthen their students' career guidance services to ensure they produce job-ready graduates, through our specialized Career & Employability Skills program tailored for students and recent graduates. Our comprehensive training goes beyond academic knowledge, focusing on 21st century skills that employers require, but that are not taught in the curriculum. Partnering with universities, students and graduates get practical career and employability skills, become attractive to potential employers, and successfully land fulfilling careers.

Equipping Immigrants with Professional Career Skills.

Immigrants face enormous challenges in establishing successful careers in new environments. Our specialized program is designed to equip immigrants with the professional career skills needed for a smooth integration into the workforce. Through culturally sensitive training, language support, and personalized career development strategies, we empower immigrants to overcome barriers and thrive in their chosen fields. In addition, we partner with employment agencies in host countries to evaluate immigrants' skills and consider them for matching opportunities. Our goal is to foster inclusivity and support in foreign professionals in building fulfilling and sustainable careers as they contribute to the diverse workforce of their adopted communities.