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Universities & Institutions

We collaborate with universities to foster the growth of job creators and prepare graduates for the workforce through a range of tailored services
  1. Strengthening University-based Incubators:
    • We collaborate with Universities in the Global South in establishing and enhancing university-based incubators to support student entrepreneurs in launching and scaling their ventures. We customize the student entrepreneurial journey to unique local cultural and socio-economic realities, and are able to leverage the expertise of our Nordic partners and the robust university entrepreneurial ecosystem to deploy technology-enabled training, coaching and mentorship, access to sources of capital and market connections.
  2. Enhancing Career Services
    • We partner with universities in producing competent graduates by strengthening career guidance services and the operations of university career centers. Through our Virtual Employability Skills Center and Skills Lab, we are able to provide your students with remote access to career development resources, including extra-curricular 21st century skills, resume assistance, interview preparation, and networking opportunities.
  3. Upskilling the University Workforce
    • Our professional certification programs for university career guidance specialists, career center managers, startup mentors and coaches, and action-learning training facilitators, to ensure high-quality standardized support services for students and graduates in extra-curricular entrepreneurship and employability skills.
  4. Delivering Internationally-Certified Programs On-Campus
    • We collaborate with universities to bring our internationally-certified training programs to their campuses, to meet local skills training needs. These training are available and accessible through the Global Skills Factory e-learning platform, and delivered via physical classroom training, virtual class training, e-learning mode, or self-study.
  5. Jointly-Certified Programs
    • We partner in developing joint certification programs with universities globally to provide students with recognized credentials that enhance their employability and entrepreneurship potential, accessible fully remotely and managed through our virtual action-learning platform.

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