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Professional Certifications

Global Skills Factory offers a range of world-class professional certifications designed to validate your expertise and boost your career.  Credentialed by relevant international bodies, our certifications are recognized globally, thus providing you with a competitive edge in your industry. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or switch fields, our certification programs open doors to new opportunities.

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ISO Certifications

In collaboration with leading globally-accredited certification bodies, Global Skills Factory provides ISO certification in a wide range of ISO standards. Our expert-led courses empower professionals to boost your career with an internationally-recognized ISO certification in your preferred field, and maintain your ISO certifications in good standard effectively through CPD and re-certification requirements.

Business & Leadership

We empower leaders in emerging economies through unlocking internationally-recognized business and leadership courses and executive education from prestigious training institutes and universities in Europe and North America, covering a spectrum of leadership skills, strategic management, and innovative business practices, and helping these leaders to connect with like-minded colleagues for long-term collaboration.

Career Professionals

Global Skills Factory recognizes the role of Career Practitioners in curbing the youth unemployment epidemic, especially in developing countries. Hence, we have teamed with international partners to offer Professional Certification programs for Career Practitioners. Our certifications courses provide career professionals with cutting-edge knowledge, tools and strategies to guide youth on their professional journeys.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing is one of the growing careers globally. With Global Skills Factory's globally-recognized Professional Certification programs developed in collaboration with industry leaders, our certifications equip professionals with the latest strategies, techniques, and insights to boost their career and excel in the competitive world of sales and marketing. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, our programs offer a pathway to success in this ever-evolving field.

Accounting & Finance

Global Skills Factory has curated portfolio of globally-recognized Accounting and Finance Certification programs that provide professionals with the expertise and highest industry standard and recognition needed to thrive in the accounting and finance industry. Our comprehensive certifications cover a wide-range of essential body of knowledge, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape with confidence and precision.

Information Technology

Stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving Information Technology industry with our Professional Certification programs. Offered in collaboration with leading global bodies, our certifications cover a spectrum of IT specialties, from cybersecurity to software development. With us, you gain the skills and knowledge required to excel in the world of Information Technology and position yourself as a sought-after professional on the global market.